The challenge was to develop a new brand strategy, positioning and redesign K2’s visual identity. K2 is an organization that offers security electronic systems with high technology to the corporate market. After designing it’s new strategy, we have created a new visual universe, representing K2's concepts of technology, security and innovation with elegance and modernity.


The technical and creative development of the brand was focused on the learnings of a collaborative workshop. During this activity, we were able to understand K2’s expertise, history e future objectives. Alongside the client, we defined the main brand values, designed its positioning and defined its new purpose.

We have understood that trust and credibility are basic premisses when it comes to security. Therefore, we have inserted K2’s new purpose in the center of the creative process in order to create emotional and functional benefits, reasons to believe and the brand’s personality. To define its new positioning, we were inspired by how K2 serve its clients. The company builds confidence and credibility by delivering a customized service, with a consultive and strategic approach. Thus, we have created a new brand tagline that translates this positioning: K2, technology, security and innovation.

The creative process was centered on the strategic definitions so that the new visual identity represented the brand’s essence. Through unifying the letter “K” with the number “2”, we have created a unique symbol that expresses the company’s connection with its clients, technology, security and innovation. The colours reflect elements of the firm’s headquarters, contributing with the communication of the new visual universe e and the company’s pillars. The typography is easy to apply, balancing elegance, practicality and legitimacy. K2 new brand is about connection, because the company connects business, people and challenges.

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